Extra Mural Activities

Clamber Club

Clamber Club Sports is a dynamic sensory motor programme that comes to your school as an extra mural activity.

Clamber Club is a developed movement program that has been going for over 30 years, for pre-schoolers developed by occupational therapist Liz Senior.

It aims to promote learning through movement, to stimulate all the senses, and aims for children to develop a lifelong love for exercise.

The program develops gross motor skills such as eye hand and eye foot coordination, body awareness, spatial skills, motor planning, bilateral Integration and much more. These skills form the foundation of academic learning.  Each class is presented in a Fun and challenging way. We also aim to develop healthy habits from as young as possible - exercise is good for your health, no matter how old you are!

Our classes are divided into age appropriate groups from 2-6 years.

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How will this programme benefit your child? 

Children between the ages of 3 years to 8 Years will be taught the following:

Life skills and basic ball skills

- Listening skills

- Balance

- Co-ordination

- Gross motor skills

- Muscle development

- Confidence

- Concentration

- Teamwork and sportsmanship

- Health and fitness

- Good manners

- Eye co-ordination

- Kicking a soccer ball

- Turning

- Shooting

- Headering

- Throwing a ball

- Balancing a ball on his/her foot

- Movement – running forward/ backwards, sideways and jumping.

Soccer Starz


We teach all the recognised strokes, Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breast Stroke and Butterfly. Correctly jumping and diving into the pool is included in our programme. We understand that some children are apprehensive around water, and help them to build confidence.

We collect swimmers from your school, bring them to the Swim School for their lesson, dry and dress them, and take them back to school (If the weather is cold, we dry their hair, too).

Every child is in a seat belt, no-one sits in the front passenger seat. We have an open session twice a year, for parents to come and see how their children are progressing.

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