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We ensure that every child that attends our Nursery school is prepared for "Big school" by basing our curriculum on the CAPS and NCF Guidelines.


Tatty Teddy Class

Our tiny babies can join us from the age of 3 months and they stay a sweetie teddy until they are 1 year old. Our little teddies enjoy playing and learning with their teacher.
In the Teddies Class our babies do:
- Baby Gym
- Messy Play
- Music Madness
- New Born Stimulation
- Tummy Time
- Baby Exploring
- We learn to sit by themselves
- We start crawling
- We find our feet well learning to walk.
- Start eating solids and textures.
But most importantly they get lots of loves and cuddles because after all, that's what they need most.

Caterpillar Class

Our little toddlers are from 1 year to 2 years. It is during these years that we start our learning foundation. Their little minds are ready to learn new skills.
Our little Caterpillars are taught the following to develop into beautiful Butterflies:
- Eating by themselves
- Gross motor development
- Potty Training
- Language Development
- Sensory Development
- Tactile Development
- Messy Play
- Outside development
With lots of love and patience, our little Caterpillars are on their way to being independent ladies and gents.

Bumble Bees Class

Our Bumble Bees love being active and playful and they do lots of messy play.
Our little Bumble Bees buzz around the class, doing the following:
- Gross Motor Development
- Toilet Routine
- Speech Development
- Sensory Development
- Tactile Development
- Messy Play
- We learn our numbers. we develop our basic writing skills
- Our coloring becomes fun as our teacher helps guide us inside the lines.
- Music Development with songs galore.
Our little Bumble Bees are growing all the time well learning new skills in creative ways. With the hugs and encouragement they receive, they develop all the skills they need to become beautiful independent bumble bees.

Hedgehog Class 

In the Hedgehog class, we learn all about our numbers and names and conversation skills in many fun different ways
Their curriculum includes the following:
- Writing names
- Writing numbers
- Dialogue and role playing
- Crafts
- Play Learning
Our hedgehog's progress towards becoming little squirrels.

Squirrel Class

In the Squirrel Class, they start climbing their way to early Maths, English, Afrikaans.

Their curriculum includes the following:

- Early Maths

- Early Sound recognition

- Life skills

- Art

- Gross Motor

- Ball Skills

- Music

- Early Science and discovery.

The Squirrels are heading their way towards Grade R. As independent, skilled Squirrels fully equipped with all acorns that are needed for Grade R.

Owl Class

In the Owl Class, they work hard all year round. Preparing for Grade 1.
Their Curriculum includes the following:
- Maths
- Early reading
- Afrikaans
- Life Skills
- Gross Motor
All of their hard work helps build them stronger to equip them for the hard work that awaits them in big school. We ensure that our Grade R's are more than ready to conquer Grade 1.
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Our Aftercare are assisted with: 
- Homework assistance 
- Test and Exam Prep 
- Project and speech assistance 
- School holiday care 
Ensuring that our aftercare are prepped for all school activities 
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