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Our Curriculum

Our kiddies go above and beyond their milestones with our in-depth curriculum and learning through play approach

Caterpillar Class 

Our caterpillar class is for our 1-2 year old Genesis Stars. Their curriculum focuses on learning through play and lots of messy activities to teach them all their motor skills, language development and reaching their milestones.

Bumble Bee Class 2_edited.jpg

Bumble Bees Class

Our bumble bees are our 2-3 year old Genesis Stars. Their curriculum is based on learning through play and they start with their formal learning such as colouring, early writing and crayon grip. Our Busy bees will say bye to their nappies and master their potty training,  develop the skills to eat and dress by themselves.

Hedgehog Class

Our Hedgehog are our Grade RRR Genesis Stars. Their curriculum is based on the CAPS curriculum. Our Hedgehogs continue to develop their writing skills and colouring skills, they develop their speech and focus on recognition of all shapes, colours, numbers and their alphabet.

Squirrel Class

Our Squirrel Class are our Grade RR Genesis Stars. They follow the CAPS curriculum. They will be focusing on their language, mathematics and life skill development. 

Owl Class

Our Owls are our Grade R Genesis Star. They follow the CAPS curriculum ensuring that they master all areas of mathematics, language and life skills to prepare them for "Big School" Grade 1. We ensure our Grade R's are fully prepare both emotionally and academically to excel in Grade 1.

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